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When the Earth is your Apple.

The story of a rare journey of an Alaskan mother and ten year-old son as they give up their material possessions to explore the world for a year.

The Haley Boys/Berkeley CA

"12 Countries in 12 Months"

Carl's Travel Blog

Sibaugh/Coward Family/Anchorage Alaska

On May 26th, 2011, Tim Silbaugh and Cat Coward left Anchorage with their 11 year old son, Rohan, for a year of travel. They were gone exactly 365 days, traveling for 2 months in Europe, 5 months in Asia (including 2 one month long medical clinics, one in Tibet and one in India), 1 month in New Zealand and 4 months in South America. Tim and Cat home schooled Rohan along the way, which included his writing a daily blog and taking photos. To read Rohan’s perspective of their travels and to see his photos, check out Rohan's blog at

We are the Hirn Family

Ron, Dawn,Tyler ('99), Trenton ('03), Colton ('06) and the spirit of our late son and brother Ryan('94). We are circling the globe in search of education and adventure. Our stops include Japan, China, all of Southeast Asia, India, UAE, South Africa, Russia, and Europe. Catch up to us online!

The Romano-Lax Family

The Lax family--Tziporah, grade 10, and writer Andromeda Romano-Lax and environmental educator Brian Lax--sold their house and most of their belongings in order to spend about a year traveling to Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bali, and now Taiwan, where Brian is teaching English in a small farming village in the mountains. They wanted to combine wandering with getting to know at least one place in greater depth. Their first rule was to make no rules or promises about exactly where they would go and when they would come home. The countries they've loved the most so far were the ones they knew almost nothing about, including Myanmar and Taiwan.

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